BTF Prime Loyalty program

Customer BFIND Acquisition rules

1.Transaction acquisition BFIND settlement:

Trading Product (no standard lot) BFIND Rewards
1 lot 1 BFIND

The lot settlement is subject to closing, and the lot should be settle to the BFIND account everyday.

2.The first deposit and recharge BFIND settlement:

First Deposit BFIND Rewards
5000 USD ~ 19999 USD 200BFIND
20000 USD ~ 49999 USD 600BFIND
50000 USD ~ 199999 USD 1500BFIND
Over 200000 USD 3000BFIND

Only count the funds directly into the wallet and trading account through the deposit channel, not count the funds transferred in, and do not count the funds of the wallet -> trading account, the deposit within 24 hours after the customer initiates the deposit operation. Both are regarded as the first deposit and have BFIND rewards.

Below is reminder for details of realizing BFIND dream

All open account on the BTF PRIME platform can obtain BFIND. Customer do not need to sign up, they can participate directly and no restrictions on account types.
BFIND statistics start time
a/For old account, BFIND will be calculated from 12:00PM on November 11st, 2020.
b/For new account, BFIND will be calculated from the account opening for new account.
During the event time, customers can redeem at any time in the BFIND background. After redeeming gifts, the corresponding BFIND will be deducted. After submitting the redemption application, it will be delivered to the customer by express delivery (only for physical orders). The delivery time limit is expected to be 15 working days. If it is postponed during holidays, the actual delivery time shall prevail.
BFIND is only applicable to the scope of manual work. Each trading account corresponds to a BFIND account. BTF PRIME is exchanged and used by the own account, and account time BFIND transfer is not allowed.
The trading account must meet all requires of BTF PRIME trading rules and terms. If the trading rules are violated, all BFIND will be cancelled.
This activity is only for customer in China and Viet Nam, customer in other regions do not participate in this activity
The final explanation of this event belongs to BTF PRIME only.
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