30% deposit bonus

Bonus information

  • Category New registered trader first deposit bonus
  • Bonus amount 20%, 25%, 30% of the deposited amount
  • Bonus trading period 90 days
  • Your profit Unlimited
  • Promotion period 01/04/2021-31/09/2021
  • Conditions Credited automatically upon a request

Activity introduction and rules


Each new BTF Prime customer with a new deposit of more than $200 can enjoy a 20% deposit credit amount, more than $10,000 can enjoy 25% and more than $20,000 can enjoy 30% credit bonus, with a maximum of $8,000 in credit trading bonus ( max. leverage 1:400 ). The amount of liquidation lots required to complete this bonus (the bonus amount x 10%) can be withdrawn.

Example: Deposit 10,000 USD during the event, and the bonus is 10,000 x 25% = 2,500 USD. The customer will receive the 2,500 USD bonus directly into the account. When the number of transactions lots reaches 2,500 x 10%, which equals 250 lots, you can withdraw net profit.


Customers can withdraw net profit at the designated time to complete the corresponding transaction lot;
The calculation period is 90 days from the beginning of the deposit;
The maximum bonus for a single account is 8,000 US dollars, and the bonus is deposited into the account as a credit line;
After completing 10% of the bonus amount, the account net balance can be withdrawn in full, excluding the credit bonus portion;
Deposit gold again before completing the corresponding lot, and the trading lot needs to be superimposed accordingly;
Submit the withdrawal before completing the lot, and the bonus will be deducted in full;
Accounts participating in the event, orders with a position of less than 3 minutes are not counted in the lot of this event;
The trading products participating in this promotion are limited to foreign exchange, energy and precious metals;
After the customer deposits the gold, contact the account manager to apply for the bonus when the position is empty, and the start time of all collections shall be subject to the time when the bonus is received;
When the net value is less than the credit limit, the credit will be removed in full, that is, the trading account will be liquidated;
The above offers are not applicable to special interest-free account and agent account.

If there is suspicion of misuse or misuse of the rules of the event, BTF Prime reserves the right to refuse, suspend or deduct all bonuses.

While participating in the event, the customer has read and understood the details of the terms of the event by default. If you have any questions, please contact customer service or sales staff for consultation.

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